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Podcasts & webinars

We hope that you find our podcasts informative, and the Society’s thanks go all of the speakers for their contributions.

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Nick Barham
A Webinar from SCL Astra
Joe Durkin, Hamish Lal, Michael Dillon, Colin Monaghan and David Brynmor Thomas QC
A multi-jurisdictional panel which considered third party funding from the view of a funder, lawyer and arbitrator.
Katherine Metcalfe, Charmaine McQueen-Prince, Pete Wise and Zoe de Courcy
A Joint SCL and TecSA Event at the National Liberal Club, with online participation
Dr Troy Morgan
An introduction to seismic engineering for the construction law professional
Shona Frame, Andrew Singer QC and Angelyn Rowan
A multi-jurisdictional discussion on the NEC4 suite of contracts.
Dr Way Way Moinet
An introduction to key principles of soil mechanics, including in relation to soil properties, soil testing and ground improvement measures.
Deirdre Hennessy, Tom Francis & Rupa Lakha
The panel look at the implications and legal responses in different locations to the use of 'pacing' in construction projects.
The Right Honourable Mr Justice Coulson – President of SCL
A webinar from SCL UK.
Anna Rowan and Mr Justice Humphreys
A webinar from SCL UK.
Jane Ryland
This webinar deals with some thorny issues that can arise for the Employer and Contractor when faced with third parties trespassing on part of a construction site in England and Wales.