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Podcasts & webinars

We hope that you find our podcasts informative, and the Society’s thanks go all of the speakers for their contributions.

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Jane Ryland
This webinar deals with some thorny issues that can arise for the Employer and Contractor when faced with third parties trespassing on part of a construction site in England and Wales.
Rob Goodship and Rachel Heald
A thorough analysis of risk allocation under the standard policies, common amendments to those policies and the position of the insurer under joint names’ policies during the project and when disputes arise.
Helen Dennis
A webinar from SCL.
Paul Jacobs, Alexander Thavenot and Paula Gibbs
A multi-jurisdictional panel, chaired by McCann Fitzgerald’s Audrey Byrne.
Arran Dowling-Hussey B.L, Dr. Hamish Lal, Ben Patten QC and Roger Ter Haar QC, Darren Lehane S.C, John Trainor SC, Margaret Austin , Dr. David Sharpe QC, SC, Jonathan Pawlowski, Gary Born and Susan Ahern B.L
This year’s Irish conference concentrated on construction arbitration.
Mr Justice Horner and Mr Justice Simons
A webinar from SCL.
Adam Constable QC, Lucy Garrett QC, Sam Townend QC and Jennie Wild
This webinar includes an overview of the law in respect of fiduciary duties, duties of confidentiality and expert duties.
Sarah Hannaford QC
Thoughts on how the new law will work out.
Mark Pantry and Edward Colclough
A webinar in the SCL Astra "An Introduction to…" webinar series.
Tom Andrews and David Coyne
A webinar arranged by SCL's Astra team.