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Podcasts & webinars

The following podcasts have been recorded in order to provide members with new content during the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that you find them informative, and the Society’s thanks go all of the speakers for their contributions.

Tom Andrews and David Coyne
A webinar arranged by SCL's Astra team.
Dr Ronan Champion and Isabel Hitching QC
Based on Dr Ronan Champion’s 1st prize winning entry to the SCL Hudson Prize competition 2020.
Jennifer Jones, Mathias Cheung and Caroline Greenfield
A webinar from SCL.
James Morris and Sue Kim
A brief introduction to common quantum issues in construction cases from a legal and technical perspective.
Roger Ter Haar QC and Kim Franklin QC
A consideration of the pros and cons of evidence of witnesses of fact from the tribunal perspective.
May Winfield, Ralph Montague and David John Gibbs
The panel gave a multi-jurisdictional view of current and future trends in BIM.
Patrick Clarke
A brief introduction to quantum issues in construction cases from a legal perspective.
James O’Donoghue, Niall Meagher and Danyal Ibrahim
An SCL webinar moderated by Paul Darling Q.C.
Valia Dousiou
An introduction to the technical aspects of preparing an expert report on delay.
David Sawtell
A webinar from SCL