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Frequently Asked Questions

Holds meetings, lectures and social events; publishes papers given to the Society; supports educational bodies, in particular by funding the purchase of books; sponsors an annual prize paper; generally promotes interest in construction law.

The library is located at King's College London in the Strand, London.

The administrative office is in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The Society was formed in 1983 when the Founder Members signed the initial constitution at the Whig and Pen Club in the Strand opposite the Law Courts. This was before the launch at the RIBA later in 1983.

The Society has around 3,000 members.

An elected Council comprising 20 members. There are 5 officers who are also members of council. SCL also has regional co-ordinators in several parts of the UK and Ireland.

In London, the Society meets monthly, generally on the first Tuesday of the month excluding January, May and August. You will find the speakers and subjects detailed on the events page. These talks qualify for RICS continuing education points, and some qualify for Law Society points. In addition, there are further occasional meetings (particularly on topical subjects). Regular meetings are also held in regional centres including Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol.

The Society regularly publishes papers and members are entitled to free copies, as detailed below. See our papers page for a full list. Generally these are papers given to a meeting of the Society, but include the Hudson Prize award winning papers and some others. Some are published both in hard copy and electronically, others in electronic format only (as PDF files).

Ordinary Members: those paying the premium rate receive free copies of all printed papers published after the date of joining, and have free access to all electronic papers. Those paying the discounted rate receive electronic copies of all papers published after the date of joining and have free access to all other electronic papers.

Overseas e Members: receive electronic copies of all papers published after the date of joining and have free access to all other electronic papers.

Yes, for example the AGM, held in May every year, is followed by a dinner. Recently, we have also begun arranging luncheon meetings with a speaker, to which members and their guests may come. In addition refreshments are served, either before or after a number of meetings.

A number of periodicals and conferences are available to members at reduced rates. FOR A FULL SUMMARY OF MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS, click here. (Please note that benefits apply to members of SCL UK only, and not to members of our sister Societies.)

No, we only offer individual membership.

Yes, if you are interested and professionally involved in construction law. Members come from all sectors of the construction industry, for example, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, developers, solicitors, barristers, arbitrators and experts.

The annual subscription ranges from £30 (Overseas e Membership) to £125 (Ordinary Premium Membership). This is payable in January each year. There is also an additional joining fee of £30 for Overseas and £65 for all other memberships.

For those joining in the second half of the year there is a reduced subscription fee which covers the remainder of the calendar year. 

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Yes, you are most welcome to come as a guest of a member.

You are still welcome to become a member. In addition to Ordinary Membership, there is Overseas e Membership which costs less and offers less benefits. This is available to those resident outside the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland. Click here for details of Overseas e Membership.

As part of your application, you will need to pay the joining fee and first year's subscription in advance. They will both be refunded in full in the unlikely event that your application is rejected.

For Ordinary Membership and Junior Membership:

  1. If you wish to apply online, you first need to register on this website and then follow the instructions.
  2. If you wish to apply by post, and pay by cheque, please click here to download the application form for Ordinary Membership, and here for Junior Membership.

For Overseas e Membership, application and payment MUST be made online.

Council will consider your application and normally reply within two weeks.

The Society's policy on advertising and other involvement in conferences, seminars and other events and activities is set out in a policy statement.

  1. Membership of the Society does not carry a qualification as such, however SCL Membership may be mentioned on a CV.
  2. Members who have a web site can create a link to the SCL web site but the Society will only link to non-commercial organisations from its own web site (
  3. Membership of the Society does not allow members to use the SCL logo as part of their individual or corporate promotional material.
  4. The SCL logo can be used for promotional material involving events (such as conferences) in which SCL is a key partner. However permission to use the logo must always be requested first.

A full list of members of the SCL Council is available here.