Honorary and Founder Members of SCL

Honorary Members

The Honourable Sir Robert Akenhead
Richard Bayfield
Philip Britton
John Burgess
Professor Phillip Capper
The Right Honourable Lord Dyson
The Honourable Sir Antony Edwards-Stuart
Dr Peter Fenn
The Honourable Sir Thayne Forbes
Conrad Freedman
The Honourable Sir Patrick Garland
Geoffrey Hawker
Peter Higgins
The Right Honourable Sir Rupert Jackson
Her Honour Frances Kirkham CBE
Professor Rudi Klein
His Honour Humphrey LLoyd QC
The Right Honourable Sir Anthony May
The Right Honourable Sir Philip Otton
The Honourable Sir Vivian Ramsey
Darryl Royce
Victoria Russell
John Sims
His Honour Anthony Thornton QC
Ray Turner

Founder Members

Leonard Fletcher (dec'd)
Conrad Freedman
Geoffrey Hawker
His Honour Humphrey LLoyd QC
Phillip Ranner (dec'd)
Darryl Royce
Norman Royce (dec'd)
Kenneth Severn (dec'd)
Alan Shilston (dec'd)
John Sims
John A Tackaberry QC
Ray Turner

Questions about SCL

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