History: Council members

Past Council members

Below is a list of all those who have served on SCL Council since 2000, with years of service against each.

Adams, Lauren 2015-present
Armes, Murray 2013-2017
Bailey, Julian 2008-2016
Bailey, Richard 2007-present
Battrick, Paul 2012-present
Bayfield, Richard 2000-2006
Blake, Charlotte 2002-2003
Bowling, James 2008-2017
Britton, Philip 2001-2003
Burgess, John 2000-2002
Champion, Ronan 2006-present
Cope, Jonathan 2013-present
Darling QC, Paul 2000-2002
Dering, Christopher 2004-2005
Elven, Anthony 2000-2001
Ennis, Christopher 2013-present
Evans, Robert 2011-2015
Fenn, Peter 2000-2002
Forsyth, Julie 2002-2005
Garthwaite, Helen 2000-2005
Gayton, Brian 2004-2006
Gough, Karen 2017-present
Gould, Nicholas 2001-2012
Hawker, Geoffrey 2000-2008
Higgins, Peter 2000-2008
Hitching, Isabel 2012-2014
Horne, Peter 2005-2007
Hosie, Jonathan 2000-2007
Hughes QC, Adrian 2005-2013
Hughes, Ken 2000-2002
Jackson, The Right Honourable Lord Justice 2012-present
Jackson, Shy 2012-present
Jefford QC, Nerys 2003-2009
Jones, Nigel 2000-2004
Keown, Keith 2009-2010
King, Corinna 2001-2006
Kirkwood, Keith 2004-present
Lacey, Amy 2017-present
Lal, Hamish 2006-present
Lavers, Anthony 2000-present
McKinley, Paula 2007-2008
Marrin, John 2000-2006
Mason, Fenella 2000-2004
May, The Right Honourable Sir Anthony 2004-2012
Miers, Christopher 2000-2005
Milton, Barry 2001-2012
Monastiriotis, Emily 2009-2013
Otton, The Right Honourable Sir Philip 2000-2004
Parry, Gareth 2000-2001
Patterson QC, Lindy 2004-2010
Pawlowski, Jonathan 2012-present
Pennicott, Ian 2006-2009
Phillippo, Peter 2006-2012, 2016-present
Pragnell, James 2000-2003
Redmond, John 2000-2001
Reese QC, Colin 2005-2011
Richards, David J 2008-2011
Richards, David M 2006-2010
Riches, Helena 2007-2013
Risbridger, David 2001-2004
Rosenberg, Kim 2012-2016
Ross, Derek 2002-2004
Royce, Darryl 2006-2013
Russell, Victoria 2000-2004
Shilston, Alan 2000-2004
Shorter, Rebecca 2016-present
Tackaberry QC, John 2000-present
Taylor, Jessica 2012-2016
Taylor, Jocelyn 2003-2011
Tresham, Jessica 2016-present
Wheeler, Mark 2012-2017

Questions about SCL

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