SCL Hudson Prize 2011

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The Judging Panel of the SCL Hudson Prize has announced the following results for the 2011 competition:

Second Prize: “The application of the EU procurement regime to section 106 agreements providing for Affordable Housing" by Antonio Rotolo, solicitor, Kent County Council

Highly Commended: “Incentives and Limits in Letters of Intent. Are they worth the paper they’re written on?" by Sarah Fox, Solicitor, legal trainer, Enjoy Legal Learning

Commended: “The Shari’a Factor in Saudi Construction Arbitration. A Friend or Foe?" by Dina Elshurafa, Associate, White and Case LLP Abu Dhabi

The Judging Panel offers congratulations to all recipients of awards and thanks to all who entered the 2011 SCL Hudson Prize. Details of the 2012 competition will be circulated soon.

Anthony Lavers, Professor of Law
Chair, SCL Hudson Prize
Judging Panel.

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