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Delay and Disruption Protocol

This Protocol has been prepared by the Society of Construction Law for determining extensions of time and compensation for delay and disruption. It exists to provide guidance to all parties to the construction process when dealing with delay and disruption matters. It recognises that transparency of information and methodology is central to both dispute prevention and dispute resolution.

In February 2017, the 2nd edition of the Protocol was published. This supersedes both the 1st edition of the Protocol and Rider 1 to the 1st edition of the Protocol.

Popularity of the Protocol

  • Between 2005 and April 2018, there were over 38,500 downloads of the Protocol.
  • Since 2009 there have been pver 27,000 hits on the main Protocol website page.
  • These visitors have come from 142 countries: (Main countries, approx: UK 33%, UAE 9%, Australia 6%, Qatar 5%, Hong Kong 4%, USA 3%)

Obtaining the Protocol

If you would like a copy of the current 2nd edition of the Protocol, you may download the 2nd edition here and a version in French here.

You can buy hard copies here.

Head office overheads and profit formula

The Protocol refers to a spreadsheet to assist with using formula to calculate head office overheads and profit.  This spreadsheet can be accessed here.

Judicial references

The Society has carried out a non-exclusive search on cases that have referenced the Protocol.  A summary of these cases is available here.  This is for information purposes (it is not advice) and is not kept up to date.  If you are aware of any additional cases, please pass the details to Please do not rely upon this document, but carry out your own research regarding relevant case law. 

Quoting the Protocol 

Provided that the Society’s written permission is sought ( extracts may be reproduced in articles, seminar notes etc. Permission will usually be given provided that no more than 10% of the total text is quoted, and that the source is acknowledged. The Society also asks that the website address is given.