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Paper category: Dispute resolution

Julian Bailey
June 2008

In his prize winning paper, Julian Bailey considers the accepted grounds of challenge to an adjudicator's decision, in order to resist enforcement proceedings in court.

John ME Lyden
April 2008

What is meant by a 'global claim' or a 'total cost claim', and how do courts and arbitrators deal with such claims?John Lyden considers judicial approaches in a range of common law countries (England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the USA and Australia) and the details of proof which a claimant must provide for a claim to be acceptable and to lead to an award.

Mr Justice Robert Akenhead
December 2007, 71k
Dr Robert Gaitskell QC
February 2006, 139k
Declan O'Mahony, Richard Anderson and John Tackaberry QC
December 2005, 92k
Dr Robert Gaitskell QC
December 2005, 73k
Tomas Kennedy-Grant
March 2005, 123k
Robert Akenhead QC
September 2003, 41k
Jonathan Selby
April 2003, 83k
Philip Naughton QC
March 2003, 47k