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Arbitration with the Benefit of the Construction Act

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John Uff CBE QC

November 2002

A paper given to the Society of Construction Law, the Technology and Construction
Bar Association and the Institution of Civil Engineers in London on 12th
November 2002.

The topic of this paper is: is arbitration making appropriate use of
the benefits of the Construction Act? The objective is to lay before prospective
disputants a range of measures which are now available and explore the
ways in which the Act opens up possibilities for the more effective and
efficient use of arbitration. Inter alia, the author looks at the differences
between adjudication and arbitration, the makeup of arbitral tribunals
and questions arising from parallel adjudication and arbitration proceedings.

Adjudication and arbitration -Joinder - The tribunal -
Contract administrator - Why not two arbitrators? - Or perhaps
three - Oppressive use of adjudication - Parallel proceedings
- Further questions - Procedure for adjudication/arbitration
- Conclusion.

The author: John Uff CBE QC is a practising barrister, arbitrator and
Nash Professor of Construction Law at King's College, London..

Text 11 pages.

PDF file size: 188k