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Third party funding in 2022: the lawyer, the arbitrator and the funder's view

Joe Durkin, Hamish Lal, Michael Dillon, Colin Monaghan and David Brynmor Thomas QC

Dr. Michael Dillon (consultant Horizons, Dubai) moderated a multi-jurisdictional panel which considered third party funding from the view of a funder, lawyer and arbitrator. Joe Durkin, an investment manager from LCM Finance, opened the webinar defining some of the key topics and giving the funders point of view. He was followed by Colin Monaghan, a partner in the Dublin office of Mason Hayes & Curran who spoke from the perspective of a lawyer in a jurisdiction which presently does not allow third party funding. Society of Construction Law Vice-chairman Dr. Hamish Lal gave some thoughts from a lawyer who practices in a number of jurisdictions where third party funding is in use. Lastly David Brynmor Thomas Q.C, 39 Essex, closed the event by giving the arbitrator's view. This webinar was a joint event with the Adjudication Society.

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