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Dispute Boards: Expensive Follies or Golden Opportunities?

Lindy Paterson QC, Marion Smith QC, Peter Collie, David Brown, Stephen Proctor and Paul Battrick

A roundtable discussion, concluding with an audience vote, as to whether Dispute Boards are an Expensive Follies or Golden Opportunities?  The panel was chaired by Peter Collie of 3PB; Marion Smith QC of 39 Essex Chambers considered the Dispute Board clauses within FIDIC 1999 and 2017 contracts; David Brown of Clyde & Co considered the ICC Dispute Board Rules and Dispute Boards in practice from a practitioner’s view point; Paul Battrick of Diales discussed preparing for a Dispute Board from a consultant’s stand point; Lindy Patterson QC of 39 Essex Chambers considered Dispute Boards in practice from a member’s point of view and Stephen Proctor of McCann FitzGerald discussed the choice of Adjudication or a Dispute Board and why an Employer would choose a Dispute Board when adjudication is available and/or a statutory provision

The presentation may be viewed in the video below, and one of the presentation's slides in the attached file. You need to be logged in as a member to see it.