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SCL Council Election 2024: results

A record 21 Candidates stood for Election to Council. This is by some distance the highest ever number of Candidates. I am personally grateful to everyone that had the courage to stand for election and encourage all unsuccessful Candidates not to give-up but please consider standing again in 2025. Over 950 SCL Members voted in this Election – which is the highest ever number of ballots cast.

I congratulate warmly all successful candidates and welcome them to Council. The 8 vacancies on Council were filled by the successful Candidates as listed below:

  • Murray Armes
  • Amy Armitage
  • Lizzie Barry
  • Katherine Butler
  • Arran Dowling-Hussey
  • Sue Kim
  • Lucy Pearson
  • Chris Sunderland

I look forward to meeting all the successful Candidates and once again thank all Candidates that stood for Election and all SCL Members who participated in the 2024 Election.

Hamish Lal
SCL Chairman