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Official New Logo for SCL

Council of SCL has decided to make some very slight adjustments to SCL's logo. Adjustments are very subtle and basically comprise a slight simplification of the logo and the removal of the flute in the column. Otherwise the colour, layout and format is the same. Why then have we made the change? SCL is now very much an international organisation. Our membership represents 50 different countries, and we now have a number of sister institutions in a number of countries around the world. Together these SCLs and the UK SCL stand for an International Society of Construction Law.

It is important to differentiate between the various SCLs in different countries, but also at the same time to know that they all belong to the same principles. Therefore, this logo has been produced in a variety of electronic formats to assist the reproduction of the logo around the world, and to provide for new SCLs to include their country name at the bottom of the logo. It is hoped that this approach will mean a greater consistency of identity for SCLs around the world, and that members and the public will be easily able to identify an SCL outside of the UK that has been ratified wherever they are in the world rather than a institution that has nothing to do with us, but has adopted the same or a very similar name.