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CIC publishes new Users' Guide to Adjudication

CIC has published a new ‘Users' Guide to Adjudication', which replaces the Construction Umbrella Bodies Adjudication Task Group 'Users' Guide to Adjudication' produced in April 2003.

Since its introduction in the late 1990's, adjudication has come to dominate construction industry alternative dispute resolution. Adjudication was envisaged as a process that construction companies could use with or without external professional assistance. Over the years many novice users turned to the 'Users' Guide to Adjudication', to understand how adjudication works, and to decide if it was a process that would help them.

The updated CIC Guide provides a general introduction to adjudication in the context of construction contracts, and in particular the right to adjudication in the UK and Northern Ireland. Whether you wish to take a dispute to adjudication, or have received a notice of adjudication, it is hoped that this Guide will assist you. This new Guide takes readers through the essential steps in the adjudication and decision making process.

More information is available via this link, and the Users' Guide to Adjudication is available for free download from CIC's website here.