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Mediation is the only way to justice

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David Richbell

October 2010

A paper based on talks given to meetings of the Society of Construction Law on 22nd July in Milton Keynes and 15th September 2010 in Oxford

The author, from his extensive experience as a mediator, explains why in his view mediation is the only way to justice. He describes what mediation is and how it works, and looks at the process, before considering the court's approach to mediation and the schemes in operation in the UK. He also takes a look at mediation overseas, before considering the call for regulation and the threats to mediation.

Where I come from - Mediation overview - Mediation in the legal system - Mediation schemes - Overseas - The call for regulation - The threats - Mediation is common sense.

The author: David Richbell is a commercial mediator and trainer.

Text 8 pages