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Draft Infrastructure Conditions of Contract: 2014 edition

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John Uff CBE QC

March 2014

A paper presented to the Society of Construction Law at a meeting in London on 4th March 2014

Attached to this paper is a consultation draft of the proposed 2014 edition of the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract, and comments on it are invited. The new ICC Form, sponsored by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and the Association for Consultancy and Engineering, is a new and updated version of the former Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Conditions (7th edition) (republished in 2011 as the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract). John Uff is chairman of the group overseeing the publication of the new Form, and he looks at the provisions of the new conditions in the context of the former ICE Conditions, and other contracts.

Introduction - Timetable - Review of forms - ICC suite of forms - Approach to redrafting - Tradition and innovation - International use - Measurement valuation and accounts - Variations and claims - Risk - Nomination and direct contractors - Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Dispute resolution - Provisions appearing unchanged - Why the new Form might be adopted.

The author: John Uff CBE QC is chairman of the Restructuring Group overseeing the publication of the ICC Form.

Text: 8 pages plus appendix 54 pages.