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Developments in Arbitration - An International Perspective

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Gwyn Peredur Owen

November 2019

A paper presented at the Society of Construction Law London Conference in September 2019

The paper provides an update on current trends in international arbitration. The author gives an overview of the current statistics relating to arbitrations registered by the ICC and ICLA and then focuses on a number of areas of interest. In particular, the paper examines the use of emergency arbitration, where, of the 100 cases referred to the ICC, most have been in the construction, engineering and energy sectors. The paper considers environmental arbitration, looking towards the upcoming launch of the ICC's report on climate change related disputes. It goes on to look at: issues of civil law procedures, including the new Prague Rules; the risks of interpretation in multiple languages such as in arbitrations under the OHADA Arbitration Rules; and DAB enforcement, with examples from Romania.

Introduction - Emergency arbitration - Costs/Impecuniosity- Environmental/Climate change arbitration - Civil law procedures - Language - DAB enforcement

The author: Gwyn Peredur Owen is an international arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator.

Text: 20 pages