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Is the Construction Industry Waving or Drowning?

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John Uff CBE QC

June 2017

The King's College Construction Law Association Sweet & Maxwell 20th annual lecture given at King's College London on 11th May 2017

In his review of the state of the UK construction industry since the formation of the Centre of Construction Law in 1997, John Uff asks two questions: 'Why should the Centre have any concern for the construction industry?' and 'What is wrong with the construction industry anyway?' In answering the second question, he looks at the series of commissions and enquiries which have looked at the difficulties the industry faces and attempted to find solutions. In answering the first question, he looks at the part the Centre has played, and continues to play, in research and the drafting of standard forms of contract.

The author: John Uff CBE QC, former Director, now Emeritus Professor, Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, King's College London

Text: 13 pages