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SCL Annual Lunch


London, Overseas, Online
The Society's 40th anniversary dinner

Latest papers

Christopher R Seppälä

A paper presented to the Society of Construction Law in London on 5th December 2023

Kort Egan

A paper presented to the Society of Construction Law in Manchester on 6th September 2023

Gavin Wilson

A paper based on the commended entry in the Hudson Prize essay competition 2022

Guests at the London lunch

What's new

The Judging Panel of the SCL Hudson Prize has announced the results for the 2023 competition.

A gallery of photos taken at the Society's Annual Lunch in London on February 9th is available online.

A gallery of photos taken at the Scotland Lunch on January 19 is available online.

A new team has taken over from Arran Dowling-Hussey to continue our support for our members in Ireland.

A gallery of photos taken at the Dublin Lunch on November 10 is available online.



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The Society welcomes new members. You are eligible if you are interested and professionally involved in construction law. Members come from all sectors of the construction industry, for example, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, developers, solicitors, barristers, arbitrators and experts.

We offer three types of membership: Ordinary Membership (Premium or Discounted), Junior Membership and Overseas eMembership. See a comparison of the different types here.

Benefits of membership include: meetings, published papers, a monthly newsletter, member-only content on the website, discounts and much more.

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Podcasts and Webinars

Catherine Piercy KC and Anna Rowan
Slides from a talk to SCL in Belfast
Cat Piercy KC and Emma Hynes
Recording of a talk to SCL in Tunbridge Wells
Charlie Thompson
Recording and slides from a talk to SCL in Cambridge
Steven Walker KC
Recording and slides from an online seminar