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The Use and Development of Mediation Techniques in UK and International Construction Disputes

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Keith Brandt

February 2002

A paper given at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators conference 'East
Greets West: New Opportunities for Dispute esolution' in Hong Kong
on 2nd February 2002.

The paper looks at the use and development of mediation techniques in
the context of construction disputes. It puts mediation in the context
of recent developments in the UK and looks at some practical issues and
problems, the international scene and recent innovations( particularly
the ICC AD ules) dispute review boards and partnering.

Introduction - ecent UK developments - The international
scene - International Chamber of Commerce - Dispute review
boards - International project experience of DBs - Partnering
- Conclusion.

The author: Keith Brandt is a partner in the construction and engineering
unit of Hammonds Suddard Edge and is senior partner of Li Brandt &
Co (in association with Hammonds Suddard Edge) in Hong Kong.

Text 12 pages.

PDF file size: 215k