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Membership fees

All memberships run to December 31st.

The full year subscription is £100 for Ordinary Discounted membership, £125 for Ordinary Premium membership, £50 for Junior membership and £30 for Overseas eMembership. There is also an additional initial joining fee of £65 for Ordinary/Junior membership and £30 for Overseas eMembership.

For those joining between July and October there is a reduced subscription fee which covers the remainder of the calendar year. 

For those joining in November or December the full year subscription fee covers the whole of the following calendar year. 

The fees below include the joining fee.

Application date Ordinary Premium Ordinary Discounted Junior Overseas e
November 1 - June 30 £190 £165 £115 £60
July 1 - October 31 £127.50 £115 £90 £45