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Delivering Infrastructure: International Best Practice - The Proposed European Community Procurement

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Domenico Campogrande

August 2002

The keynote address given to the conference 'Delivering Infrastructure:
International Best Practice' organised by the Society of Construction
Law, Centre of Construction Law at King's College London, European Society
for Construction Law and Society of Construction Arbitrators and held
in London on 12th July 2002.

The proposed legislative package, that is the two EC proposals for Directives
on public procurement, one on the so-called 'classical' sectors and the
other on 'utilities'.

Introduction - Background - The main amendments proposed by the European
Parliament: 1st reading - The Council's 'political agreement' - The time

The author: Domenico Campogrande is the apporteur of the Economic and
Legal Commission of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC).

Text 5 pages.

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