SCL Hudson Prize 2013

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The Judging Panel of the SCL Hudson Prize has announced the following results for the 2013 competition:

First Prize: "New Clots in the Lifeblood of International Construction Projects: Injuncting Employers’ calls on performance bonds" by Lauren Adams, Pupil Barrister, Atkin Chambers.

Second Prize: “Beyond the Nutcracker Suite: International Harmonisation of Construction Industry Payment Legislation" by Matthew Bell, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Melbourne.

Highly Commended: “The Advent of BIM and its impact on Insurance, Intellectual Property Rights and Design Liability" by Lesley Currie, Assistant Solicitor, Renfrewshire Council.

The Judging Panel offers congratulations to all recipients of awards and thanks to all who entered the 2013 SCL Hudson Prize. Details of the 2014 competition will be circulated soon.

Anthony Lavers, Professor of Law
Chair, SCL Hudson Prize
Judging Panel.

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