Overseas membership

Overseas membership

Please note that these benefits apply to members of SCL UK only, and not to members of our sister Societies. More information, including full details about the Society, are available on our about page.

Meetings & Lectures

Overseas e-members (who must be resident outside the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland) may attend the Society's events on the same terms as non-members. See our events page for upcoming events.


The Society publishes a number of papers each year - see our papers page for the full list to date. Some are published in hard copy, some are only published in electronic format: all are put on the website. You will be emailed a copy of every SCL paper that is published after the date that you join.


You may download online papers free, while there is a charge for non members. We may also be introducing other members-only benefits on the site.


You will be emailed each monthly newsletter after the date that you join. See our newsletters page for archived newsletters.

SCL Directory

You will be listed in our annual Membership Directory (if you wish) but a hard copy of the Directory will NOT be posted to you.


The annual subscription is £30, payable in January each year. There is also an additional initial joining fee of £30.

For those joining in mid-year (up to October 31), there is a reduced subscription fee which covers the remainder of the calendar year. This subscription fee is discounted by one quarter each quarter. For those joining between November 1 and December 31, membership runs to the end of the following calendar year.

Terms & Conditions

For Overseas E-Membership:

  • You must satisfy the usual conditions for membership: you must be interested and professionally involved in construction law.
  • 'Overseas' is defined as residence outside the UK and Ireland. You must be or expect to be resident overseas at the commencement of your period of membership.
  • You must give details of your normal place of residence, which must be overseas.
  • If you move back to the UK, you may remain an overseas member for the remainder of that calendar year, but must then renew as a full member for the following year if you wish to continue your membership.
  • Once you become an overseas member SCL will not direct any post to a UK address.
  • Application and all payments can only be made via the Society’s website (not by post, cheque or bank transfer). Invoices (including renewal invoices) and hard-copy receipts will not be issued.
  • You must provide a personal email address. Email addresses such as 'mail@….’ or 'info@….’ are not acceptable.
  • You must undertake to keep your registered email address up to date. If SCL receives two notifications of failed delivery, you will cease to be sent email transmissions.
  • If you are a full member and are transfered overseas, no rebate is available on your current year's membership. However, you may transfer to overseas membership at the start of the new subscription year, provided that you continue to reside overseas.

Application procedure

As part of your application, you will need to pay the joining fee and first year's subscription in advance. They will both be refunded in full in the unlikely event that your application is rejected. This type of membership requires online payment and application. You first need to register on this website and then follow the instructions.

If you are already registered, for example as an academic visitor, you do not need to re-register. Go to your 'My account' page (left menu when logged in), then click on the tab/link at the top, 'Profile', then change your 'Registration purpose' to 'SCL membership application'. Then save the form, and you will see links on your account page to go to pay for either Full or Overseas membership. You can follow through the process from there.

Please note that the mobile version of this website does not allow online payments. You will have to use the full desktop version.

Please note that you will not have access to member privileges such as free downloading of papers until your membership has been approved.

If you have any further questions please email or telephone our adminstrator.

Participating in SCL

SCL offers many ways in which you can participate.

There are frequent meetings in many parts of the country, all listed on our events page.

There are regional activities. Please be in contact with our regional co-ordinators.

SCL Astra membership (formerly known as Junior SCL) is open to any SCL member who is new to the world of construction law.

You can find out about other SCLs in other countries.

You can follow the work of our Ethics group.

And if you would like to help with content for this website, please email our webmaster.