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SCL International Medal Presentation

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The medal was presented at the 2021 9th SCL International Conference, held in New Zealand.

Full details of how to submit your entry (deadline: 4th January 2022) for this year's prize.

The Judging Panel of the SCL Hudson Prize has announced the results for the 2020 competition.

SCL offers webinar recordings to provide members with new content during the COVID-19 outbreak. You will need to be logged in as a member to listen to them.








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We offer three types of membership: Ordinary Membership (Premium or Discounted), Junior Membership and Overseas eMembership. See a comparison of the different types here.

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Podcasts and Webinars

The Right Honourable Mr Justice Coulson – President of SCL
A webinar from SCL UK.
Anna Rowan and Mr Justice Humphreys
A webinar from SCL UK.
Jane Ryland
This webinar deals with some thorny issues that can arise for the Employer and Contractor when faced with third parties trespassing on part of a construction site in England and Wales.
Helen Dennis
A webinar from SCL.