Delay Analysis - Methodology and Mythology

Paper number: 
November 2001, printed/online, 93k

Tony Farrow

November 2001

A paper based on a talk given to a meeting of the Society of Construction Law in Manchester on 6th November 2001.

The author looks at a number of delay analysis methodologies (ie the means of investigating and presenting the causes of delay and the responsibility for the time and cost consequences). He asks whether those using delay analysis methodologies are actually engaged in delay analysis mythology. He sets out the types of methodologies in use, their advantages and disadvantages, the factors influencing selection of a methodology, the means of testing the robustness of each and identifying how methodology can sometimes lead to mythology.

Introduction – What is delay analysis? – Delay analysis methodologies – Theoretical based methods – Actual based methods – The methods contrasted – Choosing a method – Summing up – Conclusion.

The author: Tony Farrow MSc, BSc, DipArb, FICS, FCIArb, FAE is Executive Director of Trett Consulting.

Text and appendix 19 pages.

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